This is Amazing


Maybe I do not know you for long.
But with all I have seen and got,
I could make a 10 pages song.

I could just list all the nice adjectives together,
but Instead Id’e rather tell you something you’d

You may think it’s very easy.
I have never wrote a poem for a person in specific.
So i hope this doesn’t sound cheesy

I know for a fact,
Your constant smile is when your pure heart speaks out.

I know for sure,
that along your path,
you’ve been uncertain and insecure
but you’ll one day
pass it all with a laugh.

Your simple contact and gestures
comes all from deep down.
it shows in your expressions
and your laughs all around

Without no calculations,
you let your soul be.
But spontaneously,
I know theres something
that no one can see.

Making music,
being brave enough to treat a human being.
Yes someone can play the piano, violin, guitar,
maybe take it as a profession and they look to be a star.

It’s different in your case.
Having this contradicting self in that you call a fault,
makes it not just something that you do,
But it’s who you are.

I have never met a person with this much contradiction.
I took it as a message and it gave me motivation.
You showed me that more than one thing I can be.
There are no limits to bound my destiny.
And reminded me there’s something that sets me free.
More of a wakeup call to help me see.

Believe what I say and be proud.
The ability to have both in one personality,
It’s god’s diversity.

Be thankful.
Stay Mo’men.
God loves you.


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