I Believe …

I AM sorry that for the first time i write a blog in franko arab but kan fe zroof 🙂

someone asked me why don’t i get sad or depressed anymore? how do i do it
i thought i should share it with everyone /

i do it because it is the only option i SHOULD have … cuz being sad is not an option … cuz wasting my time or energy on bad mood is not worth it

i believe en no one could ever hurt me cuz what is the worst thing they can do ??? nothing but ta72ee2 el kadar elly rabena katbo .. they can never do more

i always believe that when somebody hurts you he takes power from you … u never gain this power back till you forgive AND forget

i believe that the biggest thing that could ever happen to anyone is death … so any other momentarily problem next to it becomes nothing
and fortunately the biggest thing which is death is also the sweetest thing

What gives me always hope is that life will one day end … think about it you will find what i mean

i find happiness in everything i do … even that sometimes I have hard situations with my family … even though i have never had this really close friend to depend on or cry on his shoulder … even though i have never had this friend who was with me for a long time … so i became my own family … i became my very own close friend … which i love and always try to make him better

i believe that every single bad thing that happened to me which were ALOT and every thing that will happen … is not meant to make me sad .. its meant to teach me a lot

i believe en rabena 3omro ma by3oz ydaye2ny for the sake of it … wala 3omro khalany a3ady b aw2at sa3ba w ab2a 3aysh f zroof sa3ba for the sake of it … no … he wanted to make me … he wanted to raise me … he wanted me to get the point out of every situation

i always look at people better than me and wish to be like them … and always look at those much less than me and thank god

i find happiness lama ashof bent soghayara fl share3 msh la2ya takol w m3ndhash bet wala 3ela wala ahl w beted7ak … i say what the hell … she is having A HELL WORSE life than me .. but she is smiling

all the great men throughout history …and i say ALL … had very hard and very bad situations … if they surrendered and gave up to the depression and bad mood which they certainly passed through … the world wouldnt have been what it is now … hard times always make great men and women

the creator of your lovable corporation apple , steve jobs lived in the streets when he was a child … he lost all his money and got fired from his OWN company … but if he did give up … you can imagine what should have happened



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