Libya Chronicles : 1-How I took the decision and planned the cover.

It all happened on the night of 23/2/2011…i was sitting on my favorite chair in the house watching TV …and then decided to get depressed a little and by depressed i mean switching to the news u know the world we live in is full of shit and wars…

At this time ..Gaddafi was exterminating his ppl…i was seeing horror scenes on the news on whats happening in libya..and i got too angry…actually this is me i get very very angry about anyone killing and humiliating weak ppl..i even sometimes fantasize about being invincible and carrying weapons and go kill all the israeli’s.

anyways….at this time i wanted to do anything to help those ppl who are being killed by their so called ruler..and i heard about some convoys going to libya from rabea al adaweya Mosque..all that i heard that they are complete with equipments and drugs and supplies..they only suffer shortage of doctors..everyone was afraid to go i instantly decided to go with them… i got dressed and went down to apply and they said they will call me within a day or two.

Now i had to come up with a perfect cover plan for my mom..If she knew she would have never never let me go there….Man she allows me to go to tahrir only after i convince her i have a class or smthn…

So i decided smthn..i told her that i am on a medical convoy to fayom..and my phone will be off most of the time cuz we are sleeping in tents and there is no electricity and such stuff…She didnt fully believed but she said okay atleast call me daily …What i was sure of and what i played my game on that she would never EVER think that i am going to be in a totally different country..and especially Libya..the war zone

and my mother was travelling back to U.A.E on 7/3 so i had to come back before this day..
So the next day this guy called me and told me were moving today at al maghreb..i packed my back pack nthn more with very few stuff with me and called my mom as she was out and told her i am travelling to fayom now…

and to make the cover plan perfect one of my frnds called her to see why i am late for the fayom convoy as if he was with me in it … this is to prove to her where i was going and also for that when she calls anyone to ask for me she calls him and he knows whats going on and can deal with it…

and i arrived to rabaa’s mosque and signed in my name…we were about 30 Doctor not all of them were going to cross the borders to libya..some were intending to stay at the field hospitals in salloum to help Those injured rebels coming through the borders…

so in a complete silence and calm..i got into the microbus..i didnt try to interact or talk to anyone with me this day cuz i was really anxious..I am doing smthn great..i faced a very big chance of not even coming back again…So i just sat beside the window ..silently watching the stars and talking to god as the microbus moved…
and so the microbus headed on its way to Masra matrouh then salloum then crossing the borders…

next blog>>>>The day we spent in Marsa Matrouh


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