First Love….

Words will never describe what it truly is…First love..however i’ll just try to say what i feel..

first love..especially true certainly an unforgettable feeling through your entire matter how many years passed on it…no matter how many relationships you have been in after it…no matter how many you have loved afterwards ….

You first true love is still the master…the original..the most beautiful feeling you have ever felt…
even if it ended in a bad way (as in my case) but it will always remain carved in my your heart…
You will never forget how this girl made you feel for the first time in your life…you will never forget that she was the first girl in your life that really cares about you…

You will never forget the day you told her i love you for the first time…and the shy look on your face for telling this for the first time truly in ur life…this day will be always carved in the calender of your mind…remembering every single detail abt it …what exact date..what she was wearing…what you were wearing..where were you sitting…how you said it…how she replied…The insomnia you had this night on bed unable to sleep due to the euphoric feeling you had…hugging your pillow pretending you were hugging her

You will never ever EVER forget the feeling you had when you looked directly in her eyes…Its like hypnotism..You can’t literally feel anythn around you at this moment except the warmth of her eyes…
You will never skip the fact that you were always holding you phone in your hand waiting smthn from her and that every SMS that comes to you your heart beat hoping it was from her..and that when the phone rings you get sad when you dun see her name on the screen…

You will never forget the plans you both made together for your life…The time schedule for your relationship…when you both get engaged..and when is marriage…how she is gonna meet your parents…those tiny yet important little details in your future life

You will never forget the first time you touched her hand by mistake…and your heart beats tripled instantly and your brain shut off for a moment…directing all your blood to your heart and feeling to get this amazingly strange…new…Extraordinary beautiful feeling.
You will never forget how just talking to her made you as weak as a piece of paper easily torn and ready to be shaped anyway..even though if you were a tough man with everybody else…

You will never forget every thing you never did but only did it for her…The enormous exceptions you made for her…The eager need to always make her happy and satisfied…even if it comes over your own happiness …Cuz this smile on her face is worthless and eventually makes you happy too no matter how tired or sad you was…

You will never forget every single memory with her…every beautiful moment and every single moment you heared her voice calling you name as if you were her everything…and the feeling she gives you when just calling this name can solve alot…

You will never forget her smile…her looks…her eyes…her scent…her warmth…You will never forget her

You first true love is really smthn priceless…its smthn that i assure you wont be repeated again throughout your whole life…You wont ever forget it even if you loved someone else..she will always remain in your heart…Even if you pretended to forget her

So…Fight for it…make it succeed..make it work out..try with every power you have to make it end happily…cuz this is the only way it wont end..True love never ends

And if things just messes up and doesnt work out…Remember the good moments..The good feelings…The beautiful memories…you will feel it was worth it

cuz thats how true first love feel like =)


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