Earn your child love…dun just ask for it

Today when i was in the underground metro…i saw a scene that is very familiar and repeated alot in the egyptian street…A heartless mother beating her child cuz he didnt get out of the metro fast enough..he was about 5 years old

This scene happens alot and alot and everyone always blame the child for being impolite or any other stupid reason and thinking that this is the way children should get raised…

Well actually they don’t know that physical and verbal abuse always imprints in the child’s mind…imprinted in his behaviour towards anyone and especially his family…
When this child grows up not loving his parents people always blame it on him but never thought that there was a reason behind this…and even those who love their parents after being abused…its not true love…its just adaptation to the person feeding you.

This kind of raising your children just raises them to be violent with others…and ingratitude to you…so when you do this blame it on your self…
when your children doesnt love you the way they are supposed to ..when they talk about you behind your back…when its okay with them for you to be cursed from their friends…its not always their fault…
Look and search for the root of the problem…Abuse doesnt lead to a child being raised…it only leads to a child being stubborn and rude to you

If you want to see your children treating you right…If you want them to love you the way children are supposed to love their family…Give them the treatment they deserve…otherwise bear the consequences…


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  1. True,, Love, Respect, Kindness, Giving …. All Such Stuff; Always Mutual..
    Parents who’re not kind and donno what’s love will never teach their sons how to love, give or act kindly ,, then we say why generations are turning as such !!
    Good One 😉

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