A new soul…Emerging from you

Just today…The sister of my friend gave birth to a baby…She made a new soul…a new life…and new accomplishment…may be the greatest of her life time.

i just remember a year ago when i asked my friend when is her sister gonna have a baby she said no she and her husband dun want a baby that fast…they want to postpone this issue…But God already made plans and she got pregnant…

She wasnt that excited abt a baby…but as soon as she got pregnant and the delivery day came sooner …i think there was nthn in her head but this cute little thing coming from her flesh…

Wow..subhan allah..I dun believe that there is a happier moment in my life more than the one i am gonna have my son in my palm :)… Actually although um not married or engaged or even in love..but i think of that moment too much…i imagine it from now and plan the way um gonna raise this little man with..i even made drafts for it…i set up things from now for this day…um just 21 years old and still studying but i have my very own business and work to guarantee the luxurious life of the best person in my life..my son

First time i see nostalgia for a smthn that didnt happen yet ….

I want my son to be more than a son…i want to be more than a father…
will never do what nowadays parents do…cuz being a father is never about expenses and spending money…its smthn more HUGE than that..even if you were poor..
I should be a father…but more important a friend..a true friend not just by name …its my duty to make him trust me to come tell me abt anythn in his life..not as how our parents think now that its our faults we dun tell them how our life is…its all their fault..

I want him to love me more than anythn in the world..I should Earn this love not just ask for it standing on the fact of me being his father…I dun wanna see the day that he might love smbdy else more than me….Cuz there will be no person on the world that um gonna love more than him..

Um gonna raise him the right way..not just by coincidence like nowadays parents…Every little single act um gonna make infront of him or with him will be for a reason…to teach him smthn…to tell him how to act in a situation…to raise him to be a man..not a male.

There is smthn i always say…i think everyone should feel it too

Mother And Father are So much great and priceless word to be only a state of a person…instead they should be a career and a life style =)


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  1. Nice , but yes the day will come when he loves someone more…his own son too I guess. 🙂

  2. okay ..i hope that the person he’s gonna love more than me is his son 🙂 if this happened then i will know i raised him the right way 🙂

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