Injustice World…Here is some..

1-Cost of deploying one U.S. soldier for one year in Iraq, $390,000, enough to feed 10 struggling families in the U.S. for a year.

2-In 2008 the U.S. spent $5000 every second on Iraq.

3-Since 2003, The U.S. spent $980 billion in Iraq, enough to wipe out world poverty for 10 years.

4-U.S. Annual Air-Conditioning Cost in Iraq and Afghanistan: $20.2 billion, enough to wipe out world hunger.

5-In the U.S. it is illegal to support freedom in Palestine but it is legal to invest in CAT bulldozers that knock down Palestinian homes.

6-Militaries around the world insist on using the term ‘collateral damage’ to cover up the ugly reality of ‘dead children and babies’.

7-88% of psychologists either work for the military or the advertising industry, only 4% work to help and heal human beings.

8-Of the $8.5 billion in diamonds that come out of African, only $450 million actually benefits Africans.

9-The average diamond engagement ring sells for $5400, enough to pull 15 families out of poverty.

10-The average diamond engagement ring sells for $5400, enough to pull 15 families out of poverty.

11-Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of suicide in the Western world, killing approximately 22,000 people each year.

12-McDonald’s is the world’s largest distributor of toys, pushing its brand deep into the psyche of young children.

13-Pfizer produces the drug fluconazole (AIDS drug) and it refuses to grant the generic license to it, which would save millions of lives.

14-In Colombia, Nestle replaced an entire factory staff with lower-wage workers and did not renew the collective employment contract.

15-Google’s software keeps reads and keeps copies of all your emails, all your searches and all your virtual communications.

16-Since 2003 7 Palestinians have been killed in their homes by Israeli Caterpillar bulldozer demolitions.

17-Peace activist Rachel Corrie was killed by a Catterpiller D-9 bulldozer while attempting to block the destruction a family’s home in Gaza.

18-Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike each year than all the Nike factory workers in Malaysia combined.

19-Gandhi never received a Nobel Peace Prize, Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize while his soldiers were ‘accidently’ killing Iraqi children.

20-If you eat at McDonald’s once a week, your chances of being obese go up by 140%.

21-The average Israeli uses 12 times as much water as the average Palestinian in a part of the world that has very little water.


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