Are You Really Free??

Are you really free?? whether you live in a so called freedom country like america or a suppresing country like Russia do you really think you are free?

If you think You are and you think you live in a country of freedom so i am sorry to burst your bubble..sir,you are not free ….actually you and everyone else are imprisoned in a very big jail ..too big to see its walls.

You think um crazy?? then lets see it my way….lets start with the simplest one..Did you even got to chose your very own name?? that think that defines you and stuck to you for good?? who chose it your parents?? Your parents whom you didnt either choose?? and so goes on with your brother and sister ….etc

Did you choose your friends or you just knew them cuz those who are with you in school or college? do you think you chose them?? Do you choose what to eat or you just eat what your mother cooked today …and the greatest freedom here…is to stay hungry and not eat.

Did you chose your primary and secondary school and friends where your character and personality was scalped??

We dont choose nothing..We just live by what we have and think we choose….we think we choose our friends while actually they were the best of the available to you in your point of view…You think you choose what college you go to ..while actually you go to what your parents implant in your head since being a child and you think its your choice…You think you choose to buy some certain car while in fact you just have to buy it cuz thats whats your budget allow…Even your religion which i see the most important thing in your life ….You dont choose it you just grow up to see your self muslim or christian or jewish.

We are all prisoners of thoughts and traditions without even noticing..cuz simply if we noticed we will break the chains….Ou parents , Friends, Teachers and society implants in our heads since birth thoughts which we never choose..and we grow by them and live by them without revising them .

Ever thought of it this way?? Dont you think you should just pay more time thinking in like these stuff?? they seem nthn but believe me they are so damn essential.

Why dun we be free?? Lets be free guys its not that hard…its not that hard to think and rebel on rusting ideas and thoughts if they dun suit you.

you dun like your name?? Then change it ..whats the hell wrong with this??
You have to think and choose…Before picking friends think and choose…Why did you choose this one..What is the reason?? its all about reasons
Before making your homework Think why um gonna make it ?? is it just because um gonna be detained if i didnt do it?? if so then this is not freedom..
Why did i love some certain girl? is it just because she treats me nice?? then this is not freedom of choice and this is not love….Why did you choose your college?? do u have decent reasons? or its just a one moment decision you made?? Why are you gonna apply for this job?? is it just cuz you need money??Why i am muslim?? is it because um raised this way?? did you read more about your religion and other religions to be convinced by what you believe in or you just found yourself worshiping god without knowing why?? ….keep asking yourself simple questions like those ,,,Find out who planned your life and drew it..Is it you or somebody else?? Is it you or your parents or the Media??

Be free….take sometime to think..actually take a hell lot of time for thinking….its crucial ..cuz thinking and thinking is only what defines ur from animals



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